Climbing the Assimalayas Gathering Jan 14-15, 2016

Jan 14-15 2016 Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim CA

Jan 14-15 2016 Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim CA

To all my partners in "the climb",

As I respond to your calls and inquires about connecting people to your church, each other, and to God, I believe it is now strategic for us to assemble to bring these discussions to concrete results for your assimilation ministries. I will be hosting a gathering in sunny Southern California (not quite Himalayan weather but it'll do) in the heart of January-the 14th & 15th to be exact.

Once you are here, we will:

  • Go through a process of identifying vulnerabilities in each church's assimilation process

  • identify next steps in eliminating those vulnerabilities

  • Design new processes to move toward a 1 out of 3 assimilation success rate

  • Share best practices

  • Hear what I am learning about how to use every kind of person (including non-believers, children & teens, and those whose lives need a face lift of some kind) as a volunteer!

  • Learn about some new strategic shifts at Eastside in how we launch small groups and make Christ Followers.

  • How we address the issues surrounding sexual orientation and assimilation.

  • Make resources available to effectively implement any changes in Spring of 2016 and beyond.   

Our Volunteer Director Julie Liem will also be assisting me in this effort. 

Where: Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim California

When: Thursday and Friday January 14-15, 2016

Cost: $149 ($159 after Dec 18th)

Mark your calendars and an online registration will follow with more details and surprises to come.

Looking forward to a valuable time of development of each other and our ministries!

Greg Curtis

Director of Assimilation

Eastside Christian Church





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