What to expect from me in the next few days

With exactly 2 weeks left of 2015, I am thinking about the way I want to wrap up my first 8 months as a blogger. Seeing myself (and you) as a Sherpa, I want to end the year clearly, creatively and invitationally as together we help people reach the summit of becoming a connected serving member of Christ Body in this broken world today.


So let me preview what you can expect from me in the next 14 days.

1. A chance to meet with me. I know, "Big Deal". What is going to make this a big deal however is who is already registered for the Climbing the Assimilayas gathering Jan 14-15 at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim. We have people coming from churches larger and smaller than my own. Some with more and with less campuses than my own. All with a desire to "get it right" when it comes to connecting people to the greatest movement this world has ever seen: Followers of "The Way". The conversation and content is going to be electric. Be sure and register by tomorrow (December 18th) to secure the early rate.

2. The final installment in my 4 part series on how we take Communion and its impact on assimilating guests. I have been stirred by your comments and contacts regarding this topic and it has caught me off guard as to how passionate I have become about it. I should have a video included on the coming post with a staff person from Eastside who really "got it right" recently when he set up Communion for us a couple weekends ago. Inviting new people to a table to share this meal with us is a life changing experience for many of them. I'm looking forward to adding 3 more ideas for helping guests reach up for God through participating in the Lord Supper in part 4 of 4. 

3. A new post that has been 5 years in the making. Don't worry, it's not long, just momentous for me as I crystal clear about the 4 essential characteristics that a church must have in order for me to become assimilated into it, whether as a member, volunteer or staff. At this stage in my life, the list of what I require from a  church is short and sweet. But for me, it is also profound as I now have growing clarity regarding this topic and I am curious as to what it might cause you to define as your "non-negotiables" when it comes to church. I believe these 4 factors will make all the difference in whether our churches will be connectable to our guests, or not.

By the way, thanks for the comments and encouragement as I launched this blog, comments like this one:

"My name is Chaz and I am the Next Steps Pastor (aka resident Sherpa) at Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park, IL. When Gene (Appel) was out at Parkview over the summer he told me about what you were doing with the blog.  I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading your insights and suggestions concerning assimilation in the church world.  I’ve even sent some of your posts on to my volunteer team to help with additional training." 

All in all, its going to be a good way to end the year together. Thanks for being part of the first group of subscribers to what I hope will become a wide circle of Sherpas helping and enjoying each other as we guide people upward.


God's Best to you this Advent,

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