Welcome to a fresh year!

2016 is a year of fresh opportunity for those of us that lead and serve in ministries that connect people to God and to his church. God is working so powerfully right now, especially in the "white fields" after Christmas. 

In this quick email/post before I leave or our first worship service of the year, 3 things are on my heart:

  1. What do you need most to take advantage of the move of God in your life and ministry? Just return this email and tell me so I can address it in my posts this month. We had 18,000 people show up for church and around 700 people gave us their information. I know exactly what we are going to do with that gift and privilege and I am confident about the results we will see. Do you have confidence? Whatever I can do to encourage you, count me in!
  2. My upcoming post on the 4 "must-haves" of any church that wants to connect with people. As I've said, these thoughts been percolating for 5 years and I am looking forward to sharing them with you within the next 72 hours.
  3. Taking a look back at the top 3 posts of 2015. 

                    #1 How one man found our church

                    #2 What I now believe about guests to our church

                    #3 Climbing the Assmilayas Gathering Jan 14-15

That last one being the 3rd most popular reminds me of how much we want and need to do what we do...together. I have Assimilation Leaders attending from 4 different states so far and registration is still open. I would love to have you a part of this circle of Sherpas who are helping others make the climb to connect with Jesus' church in meaningful and significant ways.

God bless you and your new year of serving others,

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