Watch or listen in on my 20m podcast on Assimilation in a fast growing church

Some things I get to do are just plain fun.

Having coffee, getting tangled in headphones and being interviewed via Skype by a guy like Rich Birch is what I call a Friday morning. I have been getting feedback that it was actually helpful to a lot of people so there's that too.

If hearing about our processes and best practices when it comes to connecting with guests at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim Ca (in partnership with our Senior Pastor Gene Appel), then Listen here.

If watching me drink coffee wrapped in head phones while recording this podcast floats your boat, Watch here

If you would like to have a conversation in person with me and others who serve God by connecting people to Jesus, to small groups and to volunteer opportunities at their churches, join me on Thursday & Friday this week at Eastside and Sign up here

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It's a new year. Let's climb together...


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