What's coming up for Connectors over the next two weeks

Ever wonder what's out there for people life us who live to connect people to each other and to Jesus?

I have 3 things coming up for you over the next 2 weeks:

1. two Posts on "The Power of Process"

I have been percolating some new thoughts on how vital processes are to our bodies and how vital they are to assimilating people into Christ's Body. I have also been pondering what makes us afraid of designing and implementing processes in the church and what we can do to sell them, secure them and shine in light of them. Expect one post this week and one post next week.

2. A day and half "Climbing the Assimilayas Base Camp" 

Here's what Tommy Carreras, Groups Director at Mission Church in Ventura California said about the last Base Camp we enjoyed together in January:

"This gathering gave the ideas rolling in my head some concrete expression! The ideas that I am walking away with gave me an incredible starting point for contextualizing and customizing the experience that I want my people to have."

Cost of registration for my next Climbing the Assimilayas Base Camp in Orange County California will increase on Friday April 22nd at midnight. Register now to get the best rate and to make big steps to increasing the effectiveness of your church's ability to connect well with guests.

3. A new "Sherpas Forum" Launching on Facebook

In 2 weeks, I will launch a private facebook group for those who have been to my Base Camp. It will be a forum for us Sherpa-types to road-test the new ideas we are applying, network with each other, share resources, and find out about each others challenges as well as propose solutions for them. Looking forward to that kind of connecting in a big way.

Stay tuned and see you at the Summit.

Greg CurtisComment