Do you have a Director of Volunteers?

We do. 

This isn't a "Neener, Neener", but I do have to say I think it is super cool to have a person like Julie Liem in this role in my church. I absolutely love working with her, and not just because we grew up in the youth group at Eastside together. At our church, the Director of Volunteers...

  • Oversees and speaks into the processes that place volunteers in every ministry of our church
  • Trains admins in every department to be champions of volunteers for the staff of each department so no one falls through the cracks.

Of course she does even more, but the encouraging thing to many churches looking to add a role like this is that Julie does it as a part-time staff person. She is actually a marriage and family therapist which also informs the way she understands, recruits and relates to those who serve as "Changemakers" at Eastside. 

With that said, if you are curious about learning ways to recruit, train and place volunteers while eliminating the silo approach among church staff, watch or listen to this 20m podcast with Rich Birch from unSeminary (one of my favorite sources for ministry learnings right now.

You will be glad you did.

Julie also speaks at my Base Camps and leads one of the highest rated sessions. You can contact Julie at should you want to connect with her.