Identify what brings people back to your church (Part 1 of 4)

Every church has people that return each weekend. There is just one main reason people are coming to your church instead of going someplace else on Sundays. It's the same reason I drove to Big Bear today. Discover it by walking with me for about 3 minutes via video. To leverage it for increased guest connection, watch it again with the other Sherpas on your team and discuss the questions below.

This Is an introduction to a 4 part video blast coming your way each day this week to help you and your team leverage what is already happening well at your church.

And ignore my heavy breathing. It's just the altitude. Really. 


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  • Agree or disagree: People stay at our church because of how they feel when they attend.
  • Discover: Do you have any members, new guests or volunteers that travel a long distance to a part of your church? What are their names and why do you think each one is willing to travel to be a part of your faith community? What patterns are immerging?
  • Connect the dots: What is the one thing that returning guests would say motivates them to stay connected to your church? Is it the same or different than long term members? Let's call it your church's "X factor"-something special God has built in to your church for the sake of his enjoyment and work in it.
  • Prepare to climb: As a Sherpa, how can you leverage your church's X Factor more intentionally to connect more guests?
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