Can you NAME your church's X Factor? (2 of 4)

Naming your church's "X Factor" when it comes to connecting guests is an interesting and even fun discussion to have with your team. Watch this 2-minute video to hear about one of my church's sticky factors and use it to narrow down more specifically the quality in your church that you can count on to connect even more guests in the future.

Tomorrow, my next vlog will give you another idea for exposing more of the characteristics that may go unnoticed that are powerful for connecting guests.

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  • Explore: What stories about guests finding and connecting with your church are your most favorite? Which ones get told multiple times? Any that have become part of the "lore" of your church? What values and positive characteristics do they reveal about your church?
  • Define: Could you put that sticky quality or X Factor in one word? A 3 word phrase? Is there a phrase that is already in use in your church for this factor? Does it need to be re-worked or improved to leverage it more effectively for the sake of guests?
  • Grow: With this defined, what are 3 things you could initiate in the next 4 months to connect more guests well? Consider delivery systems, who will run point and how to measure success.
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