Learn to MINE what will bring your guests back to church (3 of 4)

Sometimes you have to dig a little to unearth the factor that makes people stick to your church. Where do you break ground first? In this 1 and a half minute video, learn where to start and how to dig.

In addition to the 2 ways to mine that I mention in the video, a third way to mine what may be drawing guests back to your church is a guest survey sent out within 48 hours to any guest who gave you their contact info. A survey like is an invaluable tool in staying aware of what God is using specifically at your church to impact and draw guests back to your campus. 

I suggest no more than 5 questions so people know they can fill it out quickly and easily. Here are the 5 we use at Eastside:

1. What was the highlight of your visit?

2. How did you here about Eastside? 

Friend or family?


Internet search?

Social Media?

Drove by?


3. How would you evaluate your experience in the following areas: (Poor/Fair/Good/Excellent)

Welcoming environment?


Ability to easy navigate our campus?

The Worship Service?

Finding answers to questions

4. How can we pray for you?

5. I would like more info on:

Next Steps

Joining a Small Group

Serving on a team

I read through these a few key times a year to stay in tune with what is impacting guests. Our admin lets us know of anything particularly interesting in between these times, whether positive or negative. Right now, it is our Lead Pastor's messages, the worship time and our Kidside Ministry, in that order, that is causing our guests to return.

What is it at your church? Use the questions to sharpen your skills as a Sherpa.

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  • Inventory: Do you have a guest survey or other feedback loop that gives you data on wwhat is drawing and impacting guests when the visit your church? Why or why not?
  • Dig: If you have a way of collecting data from guests, what are the top 3 things that seem to impact them the most?  
  • Assess: Based on that feedback, what are you underestimating the value of when it comes to impacting guest? What are you overestimating?
  • Tools: What 5 questions would you want to ask a guest to further mine what is valuable to them? What is your best way to ask these questions?
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