PLANT something new to draw guests to your church (4 of 4)

There is a "Stickiness" that can planted in your church if it's not already there. Once planted, it will grow. Watch this video and think about or discuss the questions below to plant something new in your church culture for the sake of guests. 

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  • Evaluate: Going back to your survey or other source of guests feedback, what things are guests saying they would like to experience but had difficulty with? What did they want more or less of? What did they NOT say that you wish they did? The answers to these questions are pointing you toward what seeds you need to plant so you can see something new grow that would be helpful to guests: what is it?
  • Irrigate: Proverbs 27:23 says to consider the condition of your flocks and herds. What is this Proverb revealing to you about your current flock? What might need to grow inside them and among them if the new people God is drawing to your campus are to become assimilated? How can you prepare the soil so this new thing you are planting actually takes root?
  • Propagate: In what ways can you introduce or further develop this new characteristic into the DNA of your church? Which staff and key leaders might already have this characteristic? Brainstorm possible sermon series, small group discussions, an all-church initiative, prayer support, stories to tell and social media posts. All these things can produce the right environment for something new to really take off and grow so your guests can connect more easily. 
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