Helping new families stick: podcast on family ministry with Nick Blevins

Helping Families Stick: An interview with Greg Curtis and Joe Schmaltz.

Helping Families Stick: An interview with Greg Curtis and Joe Schmaltz.

Joe and I had a blast being interviewed by Nick Blevins on his Family Ministry Podcast. Nick's podcast is a must for anyone serving families in any way through the local church. Joe Schmaltz oversees Next Gen Ministries at Eastside and is a good friend. I thought I would share this with all Sherpas who are helping families make the climb toward a more vital connection with a local church.


Since this podcast was recorded, Eastside conducted a fairly bold experiment in serving and connecting new families. We held a Parenting Seminar with Doug Fields after church. Doug did the first week and then for 5 more weeks, this group of young parents were continuing to meet in the seminar at tables for discussion times. After 6 weeks, a dozenmore small groups were launched for parents of young families. 

Don't be thrown by not having access to an author like Doug Fields from Saddleback. You average young family at church does not know who Doug Fields is anyway and your new unchurched young families would not know a personality like that at all. Any expert in a field like parenting will do to create a new connection path.

So listen to this podcast with your team and discuss new ways that your assimilation ministry and children/family ministries can work together to help families stick.

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