4 ideas for placing more volunteers this Christmas

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I'm one of those guys that believes that God has brought all the volunteers to staff everything he has called us to do, including our Christmas outreach and celebrations. ! Corinthians 12:18 says that he even "arranges the parts of the Body, just as he wills." That means we have all the people we need to mobilize and connect guests and communicate Christ this Christmas.

Now lets go get 'em!

This 6+ minute video below is one I recorded for some of our volunteer champs who wanted me to give them some ideas for increasing the amount of volunteers placed, especially after recent volunteer sign up efforts. If that's you, and you could use more volunteers this Christmas or in the early part of next year, take a moment and watch this. You will get more traction and momentum if you listen to it with your team. Once you get past the deafening "gulp" of coffee at the beginning (I really needed that cup of Joe...), I think you will take away something that will increase the level of volunteer engagement you have from your church and guests this Christmas and beyond. Discussion questions are below. Take special note of idea #4 at 4 minutes and 45 seconds in. That could make a big difference even this late in the game for this Christmas

Praying for all of us as we serve people this December. May Jesus inhabit your entire church and change lives in your communities!

1. Watch the video. Which of the 4 ideas for placing more volunteers in your church fall into each/any of these categories?

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  • The easiest to implement in a short amount of time.
  • The one that would most increase the number of volunteers we could involve this Christmas.
  • The one that would increase the number of volunteers we could involve in the 1st quarter of next year by Easter.
  • The one that would take the most steps to implement but gives us the biggest return on investment.
  • The one that could most increase the temperature and atmosphere of engagement at our church
  • The one we are already doing, but could be improved with a small dial-turn.

2. Now, which idea would you want to implement this Christmas, which would you want to implement beginning next year?

3. Who will run point? Is there any idea that you don't have time to implement by Christmas but could implement a phase 1 now and roll out the other phases later?

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