Look who's comin' to Base Camp...

I am proud to have my friend Julie Liem, Volunteer Director at Eastside Christian Church, as a session leader at my Climbing the Assimilayas Base Camp next week at Crossroads Christian Church in Corona CA. This opportunity was made possible by my good friend Rob Meaux at Thrivant Financial.

Julie will be doing a session on how to recruit and onboard healthy volunteers. She has done a session like this at 2 of my Base Camps last year, earning the highest rated session by many of those attending. Julie's experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist has given her a keen understanding of people in her staff role at Eastside, especially when it comes to creating the process we use to place volunteers in a role that is a match to their gifting and passion. 

To hear a 20 minute podcast interview with Julie on "Unseminary" (with Rich Birch), click here

To learn more about the Base Camp she and I will be leading on May 11-12, click here.

Dan Ward, Guest Services and Assimilation Pastor at The Crossing Church (a church with a weekend attendance of 4000 in Las Vegas NV) said this about his experience at the Base Camp:

It gave me an opportunity to aspire to something greater than where we currently are. I now possess a much better understanding of what systems and processes are out there and what the benefits are.  

I'm really looking forward to that thing that happens when a focused group of Sherpa-type leaders like Dan get together to go the next level for the guests God is bringing to their churches.

Hope to see you there,

Greg CurtisComment