3 days left till Video Course Launch plus a great Unseminary Resource

With only 3 days left till the launch of my first Climbing the Assimilayas Video Course, I want to send you a countdown between now and Wednesday that will include an additional free recommended resource that will have value as you approach Christmas in your church and position your ministry to receive guests in fresh ways in 2019.

This video course represents the best thinking and practices of many church leaders, successful authors, and its principles have been road-tested by me in over 400 churches that range in size from 50 people to 22,000 is attendance. I have also road-tested them through leaders I have worked with in 11 different countries from 5 different continents around the world so that you can know these assimilation principles transcend culture, size and context. Everything in it has been informed by things I have actually done, helped others do, with deeply practical learnings coming through both successes and failures over the last 6 years of pastoring in one of the fastest growing churches in the country.

Just use the this link to purchase the course EARLY AT 10% OFF. The discount code you will receive will be good until Dec 1st.

Here’s a resource from unseminary that I want to connect you to today: Unseminary Magazine.

Click on this link or the cover image for a flippable version that is super easy to read on your phone or laptop. Then, click on the cover once to see the table of contents and I am sure your will agree that this resource is a win for all Sherpa-types that want to connect well with guests. The Fall issue was “Feed the Future” and it has impacted my thinking in a significant way as I look toward the coming year and beyond.

I have no doubt that this magazine and the Climbing the Assimilayas Video Course, will help change the game for you in ministry as you prepare for the holidays and this coming year. I am acquiring now specific resources to support what I want to see God do next year in our ministry. Calendarizing how I will use them with my teams is what i am also doing and what i would encourage you to do as well.

I want to hit the ground running at the new year with equipping moments planned so I don’t have to come off my digestive holiday coma with a blank slate to try and fill. Aquire, overview and calendarize resources now so that you don’t have to muster the energy while recuperating from a sugar and extended family intensive.

Get my drift? I know you do.


The next 2 countdown posts will a resource for those of you have churches with multiple campuses as well as some important “hacks” to employ for guests in your upcoming holiday services.

Until then!

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