1 day left till Video Course Launch/New Instagram and Andy Stanley Book

Once you go through this course, there is no reason you cannot have all four components of a successful assimilation strategy in place and working for you during 2019.

These 6 sessions are 25 to 40 minutes long each with questions to discuss as a team so you can process the information properly. Click here to get it early with a 10% off discount code good until Dec 1st.

On the eve of the release, I want to share 2 more resources with you: one social media, the other a book recommendation.

  1. Follow me on Instragram at gregcurtis_CTA. As I get more comfy with “the Gram” these days, I am enjoying sharing what I get to be a part of assimilation-wise at close range. I am also inviting followers to get to know me more personally as I share new insights and resources i come across. I post videos and thoughts on what I see Sherpas doing around the country and the world. i could not be more excited to have you follow me even if it’s to watch me make a fool out of myself as i attempt to be more technologically advanced than i am. The result will be captivating in one way or another so consider yourself invited.

  2. Read Andy Stanley’s new book Irresistible. I picked it up myself for 3 reasons: One, it’s controversial and whenever I see church-goers squirming over a book, I know I’m gonna love it so i go buy it. Two, It makes you think….I mean think. My 5th top strength on the Strengthfinders test is “learner” and this one has me learning. Three, I have been sharing these things with guests for almost 2 decades now, just not as good as Andy does. He could make the phone book memorable and understandable and that makes the Irresistible mindset Andy envisions more communicable to guests seeking Jesus at our churches.

    I am going to be leading 2 Assimilation Huddles in the Spring (thing Book Club) with different staff, volunteers and leaders at my church, particularly those who are young adults. The huddles will be through Irresistible and through The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath. I will make available my notes in PDF form early next year so you can lead your teams through them in the spirit of development.

    Better yet, do what I did and buy all your key volunteers these books for Christmas and have them ready to discuss them at food filled huddles in Feb and March.

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Looking forward to all the guests we will begin the climb with this Christmas and beyond. Glad we get to do this together,