2 days left till Video Course Launch/7 ways to be ready and wow guests this Christmas

I am so thrilled to got this 6 part training course out. I am confident that once you have it in hand, you and your staff and volunteer teams will be enabled to implement an alarmingly successful assimilation strategy to connect people who are showing up at your church every weekend already, much less attract more of them.

Once you have this course, I recommend you do the following:

  • Make minor adjustments to your guest connection strategy for Christmas services. (Believe me, you could double the amount of contact info you receive from guests with just a few dial turns in the next 4 weeks).

  • Set aside 6 meetings to take your staff and volunteer teams through it in January and/or February so you can roll out the next phase of your strategy for Easter. You could also do it in the form of a retreat to speed up the process. 

Click here to get it before the release at a 10% discount (the discount expires Dec 1st act soon).

Speaking of Christmas, here’s the other resource I promised to share today…

Many of you follow the monthly podcast for multisite churches that I do with Rich Birch, Ben Stapley, and Natalie Frisk on Unseminary. In November, I confess I kinda went on a rant on this episode about Christmas and the critical things that we so easily miss when it comes to the incredible opportunities Christmas offers for connecting new people.

I knew I was losing it when Natalie said, “This just became the weirdest podcast I have ever been a part of”. You be the judge. Click here and start at 40 minutes 9 seconds in for when my Christmas rant started revving up. The entire episode is gold though. Ben’s thoughts on communications and brainstorming and Natalies on the impact of it all on kids and families are super valuable and significant to ponder right now.

Subscribe to that podcast if you don’t already as a gift to yourself as a leader this Christmas. You won’t regret that.

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