Copy of The Top 5 Assimilation Posts of 2018 that could give you an edge in 2019


What’s trending?

I occasionally click on those two words to see if I’ve missed anything as I don’t watch TV often.

That’s how I found out that President Bush died.

I was shocked I hadn’t heard about it. With social media at our finger tips, I take knowing what i want to know and need to know for granted. That’s why I am a sucker for a recap, a Top 10, or a highlight reel. I don’t want to miss something I wished i would have known earlier when I could have used it.

In that spirit, I want to recap the top 5 most popular posts on Climbing the Assimilayas in 2018. Hopefully it will give you an edge on something you’re working on this new year. Just click on the post you want to read.

Also, if you are looking to design or redesign your connection strategy for guests in 2019, consider a team retreat or a series of 6 team meetings around this thoroughly comprehensive resource for retooling, tweaking, or building your assimilation ministry from scratch. You can also use it for a personal retreat or online course to deepen your capacity as a Sherpa for the season ahead.

# 5

This helped us double the # of guests whose contact info we received in 1 weekend & for the entire year.

# 4

Use this to “sell” your assimilation plan to your leadership.

# 3

Your assimilation recipe needs just 4 ingredients

# 2

Here’s why I enjoy and experience what I do at a deeper level now.

# 1

Have the right conversations at the right time with guests.

What would you like me to post about or make available to you in 2019?

I am excited for my next post on how to change your church culture and a 10-part series on something you will never anticipate. But I would love your input to guide my choices and investments in the thought life and tools shared for our tribe of Sherpas world wide. Click here to share with me your ideas and needs, or just use the comment feature below.

Praying God’s best to you and your church for this new year!

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