Check out this story to comprehend what is possible for your guests this Christmas

Know for sure: people’s spiritual journeys could begin at your church this Christmas.

No kidding. Just watch the Hernandez’s story. Note the points of engagement and what God did along the way. It illustrates how God uses healthy automatic processes that are already in place or can be activated in your church this December. This includes things as simple as…

  • an invitation from a friend

  • a reason to extend that invitation

  • an environment to point them to

  • pathways that automatically lead them to a group of friends and to meaningful ministry

When I first saw this video, I was amazed at how powerfully a simple assimilation strategy can serve a family like the Hernandez’s and others like them who will be visiting your church this Christmas.

Want to be more ready for that kind of opportunity this Christmas?

Listen to my 12 minute Christmas rant on unSeminary’s Christmas podcast (start at 40m 8 seconds) and learn…

  1. How lighting in your common areas and ambient music volume can determine whether you will be able to follow up on guests or not.

  2. How to engage guests and their kids at least 20 minutes before the program begins.

  3. How to double the amount of guests who give you their contact info by simply changing up the gift you give them

  4. Why following up on Christmas guests necessitates a different approach when following up.

  5. Why promoting a specially designed message series for January in critical to seeing guests return in January.

  6. Learn a simple “hack” for not letting lines form at your guests welcome area/counter.

  7. Form ideas to engage guests in positive ways while they are waiting to get into your auditorium

Want to be ready to engage and retain guests at an exponentially higher level in 2019?

  • Invite me to take your staff through a 2-day Base Camp that will move your church toward a 1 out of 4 guest assimilation rate. Click here to learn more and request more info.

  • Bring your staff through my Climbing the Assimilayas Video Course. In 6 sessions, you can redesign your guest connection strategy and calendarize a plan that will grow your church in numbers and in strength. Click here to learn more and get it. The first 50 people who use the discount code CHRISTMAS10 will get 10% off by December 12th!

You have many couples like the Hernandez’s coming to your Christmas services in 2 WEEKS. Be ready to welcome and engage them so you can build relationships with them when Christmas is over and see what God will do.

Greg CurtisComment