Here are the top 4 reasons your church needs a comprehensive assimilation strategy

Need help convincing your Board, Senior Pastor, Exec Team, or even yourself of the need to develop a church-wide assimilation strategy to connect the guests at your church? Here it is...

Hey Sherpas! In this this short 6 minute video, I share 4 reasons why churches in our culture need a church wide strategy for connecting guests. I guarantee that some of these you have not considered.

Use this video in the following ways:

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  1. Show it to your staff to get on the same page regarding the value of connecting guest in the same way across the board at your church.

  2. Share it with your Senior Pastor, Board, or Executive Team, especially if they mistakenly equate assimilation with discipleship, serving of believers only, or with an effort that competes with outreach.

  3. Watch it with your team and discuss the implications using the "To chew on while we climb" questions below.

  4. Watch it yourself to stretch your understanding of the vital importance of what you do as someone who is passionate about connecting guests to the life of your church.

If you need anything, let me know here. I will respond to your question ASAP. In an environment were 94% of church are not even keeping up with the population growth of their communities, the time is now to gain new ground with those God is already drawing to our campuses.

Looking forward to helping you help others who want to make this climb!

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  • After watching the video, which of the 4 reasons for developing a church-wide assimilation strategy do you feel is most relevant to your ministry right now? Why?

  • What is one way you could "sell" this to your leadership?

  • How much does the illustration of the Father giving an allowance to a child who losses it each week apply to your church?

  • What are 3 specific steps you could take to get started? What help would you need?

  • Pray that God will help you and your church see your guests this weekend as He sees them.

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