Hit a growth barrier in your multisite strategy?


We (unseminary's All About Multisite podcast team) had a very interesting conversation on growth barriers on our campuses.

In this podcast, I (Greg Curtis) function as our guest connections and assimilation resource. I oversee the assimilation strategy at Eastside Christian Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the country, and love being a “go to” for leaders and church staff who want people to stick and stay in the church.  

Natalie Frisk is our family ministry expert. She is a key leader from The Meeting House. This church has 19 (!) locations and is doing all kinds of great stuff, including a killer kids’ & youth curriculum that they give away for free. Natalie’s a lot of fun and will have so many great insights around leading in a thriving multisite church.

Ben Stapley is our communications and service programming expert. Ben is one of the most helpful leaders I know. His day job is at Liquid Church in NJ, but he does so much to help other leaders with the “big show” part of church world.

Rich Birch has been involved with 14 different campus launches over the years and enjoys helping churches that are thinking about multisite.

We are here to answer your questions about running a multisite church and are excited to be here today with our second episode.

We address outreach, children's ministry, and assimilation issues in this discussion with Rich Birch, Click below to become part of the conversation on this second All About Multisite podcast.


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