3 free resources to take advantage of this month

Sometimes free stuff lives up to its reputation: you get what you pay for.

Not today.

Here are 3 free resources for Sherpa leaders that are so useful, so practical and so valuable, I am excited to share them with you to add fuel to your plans for connecting people:

Here are 3 super-useful free resources to take advantage of this month

  1. unSeminary’s Free Digital Magazine.

unSeminary’s stuff (what you wish they taught you in Seminary) is so useable and valuable. From posts and podcasts on all topics of ministry (including a whole podcast dedicated to multisite ministry), Rich Birch’s site is a virtual treasure chest of ministry tooling on almost any topic you can think.

One of his more recent roll outs is a quarterly digital magazine that is top tier. The latest edition has articles on assimilating people, the role of the Holy Spirit in ministries like ours, and even how to leverage social media to connect with people more strategically and powerfully. And…..it’s free! Read the Winter 2019 edition here.

2. Disciples Made free small group curriculum

I met Brian Phipps  when I did a breakout session at the North American Christian Convention. We teamed up to do a session on assimilation and discipleship and how they linked together. It was more than fun to “nerd out” on the insights that came from  linking these two dynamics of people’s spiritual experience and growth.

My biggest takeaway had to do with the difference between knowledge-based discipleship and outcome-based discipleship. To be frank, this has changed my perspective on almost everything we do to grow people and to connect them. It speaks much about the kind of environments that  actually grow a person while connecting them at the same time. His website which offers free small group resources and curriculum is the only one of its kind in that it is solely rooted in the outcome based concept. Everything I do from an assimilation perspective is somehow tied into that paradigm now. Explore his resources here.

Another free resource: To hear our breakout session and find out more about outcome based discipleship, click here.

3. My free Webinar this Wednesday Jan 23 on Ministry Boost

Nick Blevins is an awesome guy and I have being on his podcast in the past. I love his ministry, his church, and I love Ministry Boost and their new expansion to encourage and resource many of the areas of ministry in your church. This free webinar on January 23rd will cover the essential components of an assimilation ministry, and the processes it takes to move people from unconnected to fully connected. It includes the release of a brand new checklist from me on how to follow up with guests from their first visit all the way to placement in a small group & ministry team.  I do not currently offer this checklist on my website it is probably the most practical and user-friendly resource I have come up with to give away.

Click here to register. Again, it takes place this Wednesday.

As church leaders we are all in the business of selling something that is been paid for by somebody else and that is absolutely free but infinitely valuable.  In that spirit, I love sharing free resources like these three with you to benefit the movement we are all a part of: the movement of restoring people to God through what Jesus did.

For me, It all starts with connecting them to his community of followers and it is my joy to do that together alongside you.  

See you on the climb,

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