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“Based on the changes we have made from your Base Camp training, we have seen these improvements this year over last year: 33% more volunteers, 106% more baptisms, 310% increase in our connection pathway attendance, and an increase of 369% in new members! It has been quite the whirlwind of a year for sure and we are so thankful for the training and insight you gave.” 

-Michelle Ellis, Assimilation Director, Cornerstone Church, Marion Illinois. (weekly attendance 2000)


After the Base Camp, In just 3 months over 400 have gone through our Next Steps program and, 41 joined Life Groups, 6 want to lead a Life Group, and 44 signed up to serve. Amazing fruit. Lives are being changed!  We love you.

-Waxer Tipton, One Love Ministries, Honolulu Hawaii (weekly attendance 1500)



  • Explore the role of assimilation in the making of a Christ follower

  • Help you Identify vulnerabilities in your church's assimilation process

  • Form next steps to eliminate those vulnerabilities using scalable solutions with multi-site campuses in mind.

  • Examine the Leadership Style of a Sherpa and its role in assimilating guests at your church.

  • Learn how to design processes that will move your church toward a 1 out of 4 guest assimilation rate.

  • Hear how to create environments guests will love.

  • Share best practices

  • Hear how to involve any person as a volunteer (including non-believers, children & teens, and those whose lives need a face lift of some kind)

  • Discover ways to align staff in recruiting, training and onboarding volunteers  

  • Learn some new strategic shifts in how to launch new small groups and new small group leaders.

  • Receive free resources, Dropbox and Google folder access to everything I use in Assimilation to insure successful implementation, including…

    • A/V Presentations, student manuals and leader scripts for any of the assimilation environments I have created over the years.

    • Volunteer Job Descriptions for any role in Assimilation ministry.

    • All our games and activities including how to scale them to small attendance or larger crowds.

    • Email copy and more.

  • Leave with a 4 to 12 month “Sherpa Action Plan” for implementing an effective new assimilation strategy.

  • Much, much more....


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