“Want to connect 1 out of 4 visitors in your church? Eastside's assimilation guru Greg Curtis can show you how. Churches of all sizes all over the country are benefiting from his video course.”

-Gene Appel, Senior Pastor at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim Ca. (9000 in attendance)


What was crazy was how the Next Steps format helped us discover our next 2 musicians, our next office admin, our next caterer, event coordinator, and a marketer that wants to help us take our social media to a whole new level. This list goes on. Absolutely blown away by the assimilation gold that Greg put into the Climbing the Assimilayas Video Course. You have to get it.”

Ben Walker, Lead Pastor of Story Church in Christchurch New Zealand (New church plant)

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“I just wanted to say another huge thank you for taking time to walk me through how to best get people connected to the body of Christ! I Just finished session one of your video course and can’t wait to move on, start implementing, and start seeing people connect to God and Compass in a whole new way. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

-Nathan Lewis, Next Steps Pastor, Compass Christian Church (6500 in attendance in 5 campuses)

This course represents the best thinking and practices of many church leaders, successful authors, and its principles have been road-tested by me in churches that range in size from 30 people to 22,000 is attendance. I have also road-tested them through leaders I have worked with in 11 different countries from 5 different continents around the world so that you can know these assimilation principles transcend culture, size and context. Everything in it has been informed by things I have actually done and helped others do, with deeply practical learnings from both successes and failures over years of pastoring in one of the fastest growing churches in the country.

Just click here to purchase the course and begin a new adventure.-the adventure of helping guests climb toward the summit of full connection with the new family God has led them to.

Once you have it in hand, you and your staff will be enabled to implement an alarmingly successful assimilation strategy to connect the people who are showing up at your church every weekend already, much less attract more of them.

In this video course you will:

  • Explore the power of assimilation in the making of a Christ follower.

  • Discover the Sherpa style of leadership and how it unleashes that power.

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your church's current assimilation process.

  • Form 1 to 4 next steps to eliminate those vulnerabilities.

  • Learn new processes to move toward a 1 out of 4 guest assimilation rate.

  • Hear how to create environments guests will love.

  • Learn simple but powerful measurements to track and report on your progress in connecting and growing. new people to your church.

  • Leverage the Power of Belonging while taking a new look at your church's concept of "membership".

  • Hear a more effective process for onboarding volunteers.

  • Create and sustain a healthy volunteer culture.

  • Explore ways to use every kind of person as a volunteer (including non-believers, children & teens, and those still healing from broken circumstances and poor choices).

  • Hear some strategic shifts in how to launch small groups and make Christ Followers.

  • Cast a new vision of spiritual maturity that can change the game when it comes to assimilation and personal growth.

  • Form a month by month plan for implementing a successful assimilation process for the next 4 to 12 months.

Here’s what you can expect and how you can use the training most effectively.

Once you have purchased the course, I recommend you do the following:

  • Take it like you would an online course in Seminary. From the privacy of your own desk or home study, you can absorb the information, dream about what’s possible for your church, even take built-in quizzes to ensure you are taking the most important stuff in.

  • Set aside 6 meetings to take your staff and volunteer teams through it so you can roll out the next phase of your strategy for Easter, Fall kick-off, or Christmas. You could also do it in the form of a retreat to speed up the process. 

Once you go through the course, there is no reason you cannot have all four components of a successful assimilation strategy in place in 2 to 6 months, even sooner if you have some of these components already in place.

These 6 sessions are 25 to 45 minutes in length, each with questions to discuss as a team so you can process the information properly. Planning for 6 one-hour+ sessions is more than enough time to get the job done.

Now, let’s climb together.

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